Monday, November 5, 2018

Cool new book box!

Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know about a new subscription crate for books - it's called "Twitterstone" and it's run by Journalstone's Christopher Payne. You may recognize Journalstone as one of the publishers that were negatively impacted by the whole Nocturnal Readers Box fiasco. All of that is still ongoing from what I can see here, but there's one good thing in all of this:

New book crate!

Twitterstone will cost you $38.95 per box and new theme boxes should be shipped out every 2-3 months. They're still offering October's box, which will have one Journalstone title and a few other titles put out by small/indie publishers. You can subscribe or individually order the boxes - the next one will come out in December.

This looks like it will appeal to adult readers in general, which is nice since it fills a need that the NRB poorly filled. Yours truly is heavily debating getting one of the remaining October boxes to feed her hunger for horror books or to pick up the December boxes, since the description for that month says that it has "chilling literary works that are perfect for a cozy night by the fire". Nice.