Monday, August 23, 2010

Carina Press: Harlequin's e-book only branch

In June Harlequin released a new branch of their company that would focus on only digital releases. This means that for the time being the books released under this label will not be in traditional paper format.

This is an interesting development since it not only means that ebooks are becoming the way to go, but it also appears that it might allow for a wider variety of books to be published through this label. One look at this site shows a range from inspirational to horror to comedy to gay/lesbian themed titles. The prices don't seem to be too bad either, with books ranging from the $2 to $6 in price. There's even a free title on there.

While it looks like most of the titles are available for purchase on sites such as amazon, readers should still check Carina Press's website for all of the most recent titles.

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