Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Trailers: Obsessed by Fiona Dodwell

Ever since I read Dodwell's The Banishing, a creepy read that left me pretty shaken for weeks, I've been eagerly awaiting her next book. It's not out yet, but we do have this spiffy new trailer to whet our appetites on!

James Barker is a happily married man. He thinks he has it all -- until he witnesses a gruesome suicide. Haunted by the death, James seeks therapy for post-traumatic stress. Finding that the answers he seeks don't lie in the therapists' office, James embarks on a journey. Who was this man, and why did he kill himself?

Now haunted by visions of the dead man in his home and in his nightmares, James begins to wonder if he is losing his mind. Surely the dead can't return?

As his obsession spirals out of control, James uncovers the terrifying truth of the stranger who died at his own hands. Is the ghost following James a result of his stressed and damaged mind, or do the dead really return?

Find out, in OBSESSED.

Available September 1st, 2011 from www.damnationbooks.comAuthor website:
Trailer Design: Su Halfwerk -


  1. Thanks for sharing my trailer. Hope you enjoy the new book when it's out!

  2. This is a nice surprise. I'm glad you enjoyed the trailer :-D