Sunday, January 27, 2013

Victoria Foyt wants YOU! (to review her book)

I know, I know. Some of you are immediately scoffing and rolling your eyes at the idea of reading the second book in general. Others might already be sharpening your pitchforks and licking your snarky  chops in anticipation of tearing the book apart.

I've been debating whether or not to order a copy of the book. I've hesitated due to the price and the knowledge that I'm very likely to not like Adapting Eden. Part of me does want to see if the series could improve and I'd like to think that I would go into it with the idea that Foyt could have taken in some of the criticism thrown at her from the previous book. I know some would tell me it's a hope in vain, given the snafu everything turned into, but I'm a fairly optimistic girl. It's part of why I stuck with Anita Blake for so long: I just kept hoping that eventually Hamilton would take the criticisms to heart.

Anywho, I wanted to drop this quick note to let any potential reviewers know that Foyt is soliciting for reviewers via Twitter. If you're interested, drop her a line. My only reservation would be that if you know that you are likely to give a negative review, be honest about it. You don't have to detail about how you're going to write a twelve page snark review, but at least let her know that you will be going into this with a handicap. I'm not saying that you shouldn't leave a negative review or maybe even post comments as you read, just be up front about everything. The last thing we want is for her to get upset because someone misrepresented themselves. If she reads this, I want to be clear: I did leave a negative review and I did post book snark, but I am willing to give the series a second chance. I do not promise that I will give a positive review or that I won't snark while I read, but I will promise to at least try to be open minded.

Here are the two tweets that Foyt posted:
*Status #1 via @SaveThePearls
*Status #2 via @SandDollarPress

I have to admit that I'm not exactly expecting a review copy.


  1. I asked and didn't get an answer but, to be fair, I wouldn't give it to me either considering my track record on that. I'm hoping to borrow it from someone eventually. I'd feel bad paying for it.

  2. I've been debating getting it on my own and after finishing it, sending it out on its own little book tour. If I do get it, I'll post about it on this blog and start soliciting for a chain of people to send it out to.

  3. Considering that the book has gone from having a set release date to never actually being released, I'm wondering if it will ever really see the light of day.

  4. She'd be a fool not to roll it out if she actually has the thing. I mean think of how many people are taking the attitude of "well the first was horrific, maybe you learned something" and will plunk down $4 to find out. Then add in all the media bump she got for the drama over at Weird Tales and she can't lose with it. The worst that could happen is that she, you know, looks like more of a racist which is kinda hard to do at this point.....

  5. That's a pretty good point. There really isn't much she could do that would give her a worse public opinion as far as the literary world goes.