Monday, August 23, 2010

Netgalley: It'll make you go broke!

Love reading? Love reviewing? Then you need to get in on NetGalley.

NetGalley is a site that allows professional reviewers, booksellers, & librarians access to electronic ARCs (advance reader copies) of some of the hottest new books that are out or going to be coming out. The best part? It's green. No paper is used to make these ARCs & there's no worry about having a huge amount of books left sitting around. If you have an e-reader you can easily put these books onto your reader, although I've read that Kindle users might have to pay a fee depending on how they send their book to their reader. (I've heard that by resetting the maximum payment amount you can get around that. It just takes a little longer.) Otherwise you can view these books on your computer through adobe or NetGalley's internet viewer.

I know that I review a lot of romance & fantasy here, but you can get all sorts of books from there. Nonfiction as well as fiction. Plus I have to say that so far I've loved all of the books I've requested from there. I've yet to read anything that I've disliked.

The only problem? You'll go broke because you'll want to collect all of the other books that these authors put out.

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