Monday, September 27, 2010

Win a copy of Laurie Halse Anderson's SPEAK!

Greetings, fellow book fans!

In honor of Banned Book Week & especially because there are idiots out there that would ban this book from schools, I'm giving away a free copy of the platinum edition of SPEAK. That's right, you can own a copy of the book that's causing all of this fuss.

Not only that, but I'm also giving out an advance reader's copy of Sarah Mlynowski's Gimme a Call. While this is already available on shelves, the copy I have is a reader copy that was only circulated to bookstores, reviewers, & such.

Already have one or both of these books? That's OK- enter anyway & pass this awesome book along to one of your friends!

To enter the contest, just post to this blog by October 4th (next monday) & give some love to both of these great authors or talk about your feelings about book banning! In about a week I'll choose one of the posters & mail them their free books! If you see your name in next week's blog, just drop me an e-mail at geniebrownhair (at)!


  1. Hey, anything to do with challenging banned books is fine by me!

    Plus free stuff...

    Well, it's too much to pass up.

    Hmmm.. looks like I have some reading to do on this fine blog.

  2. I've got more ARCs at home (both adult & kid novels) that I've gotten from work, so odds are I'll probably do this again if this goes well.

  3. I can't believe that books are STILL being banned. If the powers that be don't feel that they're age appropriate for a certain audience, then just don't place them in the Young Adult or Childrens' section of the library.
    Banning books is only two steps above burning them as far as I'm concerned.

    Free books are much, much better. :)

  4. Count me in! I love free books ^_^

  5. I think it's way past time to stop molly-coddling children.

    Not reading about sex, rape, violence, racism, whatever, doesn't make it go away in real life - it just makes children more vulnerable as they become adults.

  6. Diane (lifewontwait)September 27, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    Books shouldn't be banned, people who want to ban them should be...

  7. I've read Speak - it was a great book. Not appropriate for an elementary ages child but appropriate at the high school level thus my personal philosophy... I believe every book has its place but not every book belongs on every shelf.

  8. True, not every child is ready for a book like this but I dislike the idea of taking it off of a shelf because of that reason. Kids mature at different emotional & mental rates than other kids. While my little sister probably wouldn't have been ready to read SPEAK in middle or elementary school, I would have been. I started reading stuff like Stephen King & other adult materials when I was that young, so reading something like SPEAK wouldn't have been so far over my head. My parents pretty much let me read what I would & would try to discuss the books with me after or during the reading.

    I have no problem with parents saying they don't want their kids to have to read it for a project, but removing it entirely is taking that choice from the kids who might want to read it and/or have parents who would allow them to.

  9. Although I will say that at one level I do agree that some books aren't appropriate for some school shelves. I'd probably balk if I saw that the local elementary school had the Marquis de Sade or Laurell K Hamilton (or any book that was erotica heavy) on their shelves.