Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book Review: Fart Party 1 by Julia Wertz

Title: The Fart Party
Author: Julia Wertz
Publisher: Atomic Book Company
Release Date: 12/4/2007
ISBN: 0978656938
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If you're into books that don't involve liberal amounts of cussing, blood, drinking, or other wonderful things, then you might not like this book. If you like one or all of the above, then you'll like it.

Anyway, Fart Party is a semi-autobiographical comic on Wertz's life that covers just about everything that goes through her head. Life with her boyfriend? In here. Drinking? In here. A probably obsessive love of cheese? In here. Things that never really happened, but Wertz wishes they did? In here too.

Not every comic in this book is going to be a belly laugh, it's still an incredibly funny book to read. If you don't find at least one comic in here to laugh at then you probably skipped a few pages. (Seriously, how can anyone not laugh at Crack Whore Appreciation day?) Sure, the artwork isn't as defined as stuff in her latest book Drinking at the Movies, but even Wertz will say that this was her early stuff.

It's just really nice to see an indie comic out there that isn't trying to pass along some sort of higher message, throw in an endless supply of pop culture references, or be pretentious in some way or another, (I still like those comics but I'll admit they're pretty unrealistic.) Fart Party doesn't do any of that stuff & it's why I love it.

Seriously, check this book out. It's got some serious laughs in it!

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