Saturday, June 11, 2011

Check it Out: Point Deception (Book Trailer)

Hi everyone! I'll be coming out of my self imposed hibernation in a few days to give you a new round of "Check it Out".

Until then, here's a trailer an author (Jim Gilliam) sent me for his new book Point Deception. I haven't read it, but it sounds like it should be an interesting read for some of you guys out there!

Point Deception is a suspense thriller, packed full of criminal activities, military action, and a likeable protagonist with a tortured soul.

Surviving the mean streets of New Orleans in 1956, young Tim Kelly begins a young Indiana Jones style adventure by lying about his age to join the Coast Guard at fourteen.

In lieu of a court martial Kelly volunteers for combat duty in Vietnam where three of his friends are killed in a friendly fire incident. Deeply mourning the loss of his friends, he releases his rage in an Air Force officer's club, earning him a less than honorable discharge.

Returning to his home state of Texas Kelly embarks on a new career as an undercover narcotics agent, entering the shadow world of drug and human trafficking sponsored by his old friend and mentor Rodolfo Guzman, a kingpin in the powerful Campeche drug cartel.

His failure to check in with his handler alerts a team of Texas lawmen who embark on an illegal, clandestine, armed incursion into the sovereign territory of Mexico to rescue Kelly, or recover his body. It is a bold and dangerous plan. Not even the most elite units of the Mexican federal police dared attack Rodolfo Guzman's hacienda--a renegade state within a state that did not answer to the Mexican government.

As the helicopter lifted off synchronized explosions of C4 completed the destruction of Rodolfo Guzman's once proud seventeenth century hacienda.

No one spoke during the short flight back to the safe house on the Texas side of the Rio Grande.

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