Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For a good cause: American Refugee Committee

Hi everyone! I know this is sort of out of my normal scope of blogging, but a little research for a book I'm reading (I'm a nerd, I google stuff mentioned in the books to get a better mental picture of everything) eventually lead me to to discover the American Refugee Committee.

While we're all enjoying our books & the freedom to read what we like, we should remember that not everyone enjoys the same privileges we do. There are many people
in areas such as Somalia that have to live in refugee camps, go to bed hungry, & try to raise children in areas that make some of the worse neighborhoods in the USA look like Disney World. Right now there's a terrible famine going on, leaving many adults & children without any food.

Because of this I wanted to highlight a group that's doing an awful lot of good in the world: the American Refugee Committee. They're not only taking donations but they're also taking on volunteers to help with anything from reaching out to people in needy places such as Somalia & Darfur to simply spending time in the ARC home base here in the States.

Even if you can only help out by spreading the word about this or similar groups (or even just trying to help out by donating to your favorite local charity), we should all do what we can!

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