Friday, January 27, 2012

Author E.J. Dabel Interview on Journal Jabber!‏

Hi everyone!

On this episode of Journal Jabber, we will be diving into what is sure to be the next big thing. Watch out Percy Jackson, Isaiah is hot on your tail to be the next boy on the block playing with the big boys. But we won't just be talking about the Greek gods - oh no - we have mythology that stretches through all times, all histories.

E.J. Dabel, author of Pantheons, will be here talking about his new book and how he was abe to mix Norse, Greek, Aztec and a plethora of other histories all in one book and make it AMAZING. Be sure to be here as we learn about how many gods and goddesses are really out there and how they all blend together.

Can we fit it all into a one-hour show? Be here to find out!!

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