Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Diva Ate Her & Laurell K Hamilton

If you're aware of the inner circle of Laurell K Hamilton, then you've probably heard of Darla Cook. Up until a few years ago, Darla worked for Hamilton as a personal assistant & helped maintain various parts of the website, fanclub, & storefront. Neither party has really given out a lot of information as to why Darla no longer works for Ma Petite Enterprises.

A few months after she'd posted about her newly unemployed status, Darla started posting excerpts of a then untitled book she'd been working on. The book was to be about a beleaguered employee of a best selling author who was well on her way to becoming queen of the divas. While Darla has since removed the posts from her myspace account, excerpts can still be seen on the internet.

When the blog posts were up, Darla claimed that the book was not based upon her time with Hamilton & was instead based on a mashup of various author diva antics, with only one part of the book being based on an actual Hamilton event. (The event in question was an overreaction to a floral delivery.)

Even so, certain sites are still abuzz about how much of the book is based on Hamilton & how much of it isn't. (I'll admit, I started one of the various threads about said book.) I have to admit that when I'd read the book I couldn't help but mentally compare the character of Miriam (the diva author) to Hamilton.

Is the book based off of Hamilton? I can't entirely say because quite obviously, neither side is talking & all I have to go on are rumors that can't really be verified. Either way, the speculation is sure to fuel more than a few sales for Darla's new book.

The Diva Ate Her is available for purchase on Amazon via the Kindle.


  1. It is so based on Laurell K Hamilton (LKH). I have had in the past followed many of LKH's blog and a lot of things said in the book corresponds 100% to events LKH might have mentioned in her blog. It is so based on her!!! Don't believe that only the flower delivery incident is based on her, if it did then I'm Santa Clause!

  2. I have to admit, I do sort of think that it is more based off of LKH than Darla would like to admit.

  3. Um, and who exactly are you?

  4. Myself? Nobody of any true importance. As far as the other poster goes, they're anonymous and I don't really know how to track IPs. It's a fairly common theory, so it could be just about any random fan or anti-fan.