Saturday, November 6, 2010

Readers emulate Pfeffer's Life as We Knew It

Hi all! I was scouring the net trying to find something interesting to pass along today & came across this little gem on the Publisher's Weekly site.

Evidently a blogger/reader of the book Life as We Knew It, a tale about a disaster that brings about well... the end of life as the book's characters knew it. A comet hit the moon, which caused massive tsunamis, wiping out huge portions of the world & slowly causing everything to break down- including food distribution.

Two people decided to try seeing how they'd fare under similar situations. One was Ivie Harrison, who decided to try a "LAWKI month", which involved no food shopping. While her religion has her stocking a year's worth of food anyway, her family quickly discovered that living like that was pretty difficult & learned to better appreciate the luxuries given them.

The other person is Shannon Wright. She allowed her children to purchase $10 worth of "necessities" apart from what she purchased ahead of time. The purchases were somewhat surprising (to me anyway), being ramen noodles & cologne. Wright made a point of doing lots of gardening & attempting to cook using things that used little to no electricity such as a sun oven.

I have to say, the actions of these two women & their families is pretty admirable. I mean, how many of us would be willing or able to do this unless we were forced to? It kind of makes me want to start researching ways to become more self sufficient, to be honest.

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