Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Spotlight: Pantheons: The Game of the Gods

Aghast at the amount of Austen you still have left to read? Chagrined that you're only a third of the way through Chaucer? Wish that you could read a book that mixes Greek mythology with good old fashioned teenage exuberance?

Well, put down those required reads (for now, anyway) and pick up this latest book in the amazing Pantheons series by E. J. Dabel: Pantheons: The Game of the Gods!

A year has passed since Isaiah Marshall’s father, Zeus, severed his left arm with white lightning in the tournament. During this time, the Indestructible Diamond has been training hard under the mysterious old man who saved his life. Despite his focus and determination, Isaiah has been unsuccessful in his development of his usage of blue-white lightning, nor has he tapped into the other more potent colored bolts, which his father has mastered. 

The Powers-That-Be have forced the teen gods to finally take part in the Fourth Great War. But fearing death, as they have been cursed with mortal bodies, they’ve decided to compete for the Dominion in a new, professional sport called Tasselball: The Game of the Gods.

Seriously, what about this doesn't sound like a whole bunch of awesome?

Luckily for you, you can not only get this book, but also the first book in the series on Amazon right now. You don't even have to wait for shipping- you can get them directly beamed to your e-reader or computer through the magic of the Internet. There's a free preview of both books for your viewing pleasure! For you fans of Brian Jacques's Redwall there's Albino, a story of a mouse that must find the courage inside himself to fight against an ultimate evil.

Check them out today!

Pantheons: The Game of the Gods

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