Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest Post: All The Doors To Hollywood with Anne Strick

Author Anne M. Strick has stopped by today with a guest post!

These two shots of me with Arnold and Wilt were also made on the set of CONAN THE DESTROYER.  The photographer,  the renowned Time Magazine professional Dirck Halstead, had been called in to do some  “special’ photography.

I’d worked with Dirck before, on GREYSTOKE in Cameroon and England,  and on DUNE.  By now we were buddies.  I’d helped carry his equipment through the African rain forest; and we’d  shared innumerable meals and hairy auto rides on dicey roads  in several  countries.  It
 amused him to get me into gag shots with the principals at the end of the day - just to play a bit.

In fact – and in a rare arrangement  - we were filming CONAN THE DESTROYER and DUNE at Churubusco at the same time.  (Raffaella De  Laurentiis was producing both, and Churubuscio made financial  sense.).  So therefore I was wrestling two jobs – Unit Publicist on each -at once.  Not easy.  But enormous fun.       

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