Monday, August 27, 2012

Authors Behaving Awesomely: The Good Guys and Gals

You know, with all of the authors that do things that could and are considered to be awful behavior, we sometimes forget about the ones that show amazing behavior. I thought I'd highlight a few of them, especially the ones that are indie and/or self-published.

I came across Basara years ago via Amazon when he'd sent me a copy of his book Cypress Lake for review. The end result was that while Basara has skill, it was ultimately a book that just wasn't my thing. He was nothing but gracious when it came time for me to tell him this and he encouraged me to post my review. Basara is one of those authors that I really can't recommend enough just based on his personality. If you like surreal works or are familiar with 70s era Florida, you should check Cypress Lake out. 

I'll admit that I've never read his books, but I do remember coming across the author one day when he came into the bookstore I was working in. He was nothing but a gentleman and was genuinely happy to talk about his writing. Unless I've missed something, Konrath has always been a gracious man when it comes to his fans and reviews. 

  • Naomi Clark (Wild)
OK, this one is someone that I know, but the point here still stands that she's an insanely kind person and reacts well with her readers. I remember cringing once when I didn't like one of her books as much as I wanted to. Rather than go off on me (which she could've since we're friends and if you can't go off on your friends, then who can you go off on?), she was incredibly nice about it. Definitely one of the good ones. 

I've had no direct interactions with Kane at all, but I've constantly heard people crow over her books and how good she was about interacting with readers. More specifically, about how she tries not to be one of "those" authors when it comes to negative reviews. It doesn't hurt that she's also spoken out in defense of reviewers.

This is another one that I haven't any direct interaction with, but I heard about her via one of the Goodreads forums. She received a negative review on FfhS and rather than get angry, she was incredibly polite. The reviewer had commented that the book could use a good editor, which Cole took to heart advice-wise. She not only thanked the reviewer but also offered her a free copy of the book once it got through the editing process. I'm closing this list off with her because it's just such an amazing example of awesome author behavior. Not only did she thank the reader for her time, but she took the advice to heart. Cole offering the reader an updated copy later on is just the cherry on top of the awesome sauce sundae. 


  1. Of course there's so many authors that I can name that are really cool! (Rob Osterman is always in a good mood and super nice!)

  2. Aww... thanks. We'll see if you still think that after my write up of the Emily Giffin saga....

  3. LOL, as long as you don't depict me sitting in a corner and twirling my Snidely Whiplash mustache, it should all be OK! (Although if I were to have a mustache, I suppose a SW one would be the way to go. That or a Tom Selleck.)

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