Thursday, August 2, 2012

Check it Out: Mind the Thorns by Rob Osterman

Hi all! I thought I'd stop showering you guys with stuff about internet drama and bring you something you something pretty cool.

I've been aware that there are people doing books via blog entries, but I wasn't aware that there were web novels that you and I the reader could actively control. That's right. A book where you get to control what the heroine does. This is called an interactive novel or "wovel", and the idea is pretty sweet.

In any case, the one I'm going to pimp out to you is Mind the Thorns by Rob Osterman.

The story is just beginning and there's only about 7 chapters out so far, so there's no worries about having a ton of chapters to catch up with. The story is based around Regan, a young woman that wakes up in a coffin after having previously run away from her fiance Harrison at the altar. Of course you know this means that vampires will be involved and Regan has to try to figure out all of what's going on as well as try to learn the ins and outs of the undead community.

There's a good start here so far and I'm rather curious to see how this will unfold.

If you're curious about the book but prefer a print version you can purchase a copy of the first three chapters  for $3.99 from Amazon. Or you can enter Rob's contest on Goodreads for a free copy of the book, but be warned that the contest closes in about half an hour.

*Mind the Thorns by Rob Osterman
*Fictional Omens, Rob's personal blog
*Mind the Thorns: Goodreads page (with link to contest)
*Mind the Thorns on Amazon

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I'll be totally honest, the book version of chapters 1-3 (and subsequent issues) is priced more than I'd like but most of that money goes to Amazon and Createspace.

    And if you want to dive in, I would point you at the "Previously" at the top. It has summaries of pervious issues and major characters to help you dive right in. :)