Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book vending machines & other cool things

You've heard of RedBox, the vending machine that will let you rent or buy movies at the touch of a button & the swipe of a credit card? Now make way for a vending machine that will allow you to purchase some of the latest titles out there.

Unfortunately this fantastic creation is only available in the UK, but you have to admit- it's a great idea, right?

That's not the only neat vending machine out there. In Italy there's a pizza vending machine that will let you buy freshly baked pizza at any time of the day or night! Here's a link that shows the pizza getting made in one of the machines. The pizza looks a little dubious, I must admit.

If that's not enough for you, then how about vending machines that'll spit out gold? The sky seems to be the limit for anyone wanting to make purchases without having to interact with anyone!


  1. This makes me wonder. My wife listens to Bob and Sheri ( on the radio on our way to work in the mornings, and yesterday Bob was talking about these very machines and mentioned every one in this blog post. Is Bob a closet Book Goggles fan? Chibi was first, so Bob must be plagarising...

  2. LOL, I'm actually stealing this from a yahoo news story so they're probably taking it from the same place I did. (Would be flattering to think they got it from me, though...)