Saturday, October 2, 2010

End of Banned Book Week: What of the writers?

Hi all!

This has been a great Banned Book Week & I've really enjoyed reading everyone's opinions about book banning & what books belong on what shelves- it's been really thought provoking!

I was looking for a good news article to close out the week with & I ended up finding this article from the Christian Science Monitor that discussed what has become of some of the authors who dared to publish books that their countries or governments didn't like or allow. The article mentions people in the past but makes sure to emphasize the authors of today who are currently serving jail time for publishing their books. There's a whole list of people, all of whom are in jail for at least 3 years.

It's honestly scary to think about someone getting jailed for something that we take for granted over here in the USA. Makes me grateful for the freedoms we have!

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