Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching up!

Hi all! I'm sorry for the length between postings! I decided to try to catch up on my reading for reviews, which ended up being more books than I'd realized. I also didn't realize that for some of them I'd have to read previous books- it didn't really hit me until I actually queued them in my 'currently reading' section in Goodreads. If you're curious as to what I'm currently reading, I've got two biggies that I'm trying to get through right now. I'll admit that one of them is not my favored reading style, but is pretty readable- Pirates & Politics by Joeseph Rinaldo.

It's a political thriller, which is sort of out of my normal scope, but is pretty decent. I think it'll be a great read for those of you who like the Grisham-esque stuff. (If you're curious, click on the picture- it'll take you to the goodreads page.)

I'm also working my way through the Iron Fey series, which is pretty darn good. I'm trying to be good & work off all of my current pile since my school semester started back up again & I want to have a clean slate before piling on more books. Strangely enough, I've found that I do more reading when school is in session. It's probably because of the wait inbetween classes. It's kind of become my New Year's resolution, not letting my pile of review books get too big. (These are the books that people have either asked me specifically to review or I've asked for in exchange for a review.)

Well, enough of my prattling! Hopefully everyone is doing well & you'll all find some great stuff to read this year!

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