Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check out this blog: Candy Apples

I recently discovered this blog (Candy Apples) while I was looking around for interesting photos on the net. (Hey, it's fun to see what you can find!) It's written by a 21 year old university student named Ai that's living in Tokyo.

In any case, I stumbled across the Christmas entry for her blog, which goes into detail about Okonomiyaki & Japanese Christmas cake. Yummy stuff.

The blog isn't about books, but about her life in general & I found it pretty interesting to see what life was like for her in Japan. (Especially since she's in Tokyo, one of the bigger cities of the country.) Ai takes lots of pictures, so it's fascinating to see what might show up next! (I stole one of her images just so I could show you the quality of her photographs as well as the yumminess of the dessert!)

She's got a great writing style, so I wanted to promote her blog here!

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  1. Wow thanks soooo much for mentioning my blog♥ And for following too of course!! I love your blog! I love to read (as long as I'm not forced into it for a school assignment or something)

    I'm reading About the Author by John Colapinto and it's really good so far! Well, actually I'm putting it off at the moment since I'm super busy with school work.. boooooo :( Am I the only one who hates being interrupted in the middle of a story?

    I'm following you back :D