Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Manga Review: Ore Tama (My Balls) by Shigemitsu Harada

Title: Ore Tama
Author: Shigemitsu Harada
Volumes: 1-6
Available Through: MangaFox

Yes, I swear to you that there's a manga called "My Balls", otherwise known as "that manga that will probably never see the light of day on US shores". I know, I know... it's actually a worse title than "Boarding House of Hunks", but there's something about the titles with the terrible names that just calls to me. As the title suggests, this is a "naughty" manga, so if you're not over 18 then you probably shouldn't be reading this. (I know, I know... I've got to say it.)

The plot follows Kohta, a 19 year old that's pretty much a loser in life in general. He has no girlfriend, a semi-terrible job, and he's a virgin. To make matters worse, he doesn't think his cute female coworker is into him and he just discovered that the world is going to end at the end of July, with the only way to save everyone is to keep from "getting off". Because a major demon is sealed in his balls. Yeah, you heard that right. The world will come to an end when he reaches his. Preventing this is difficult but proves near impossible for Kohta when a lesser demon (Elyse) arrives and announces that she's there to release the demon inside.

OK. First off, I'm going to say that there's a certain squick factor in that you have a main female character that looks like she's about 14 years old at most. The manga waves this off with a "but she's a demon, not human, is far older than she looks, she'll get her adult form when she goes to the next level of demonhood, etc". They have plenty of excuses for this and some of them do sort of work plot-wise, but it doesn't help the fact that this is a very young looking character put through several sexual situations. Some readers won't see any problem, some will read on despite this, and others will refrain from the manga entirely because of this. I'm not here to tell you to be one way or another, just making sure that you're aware of this before reading.

Anywho, for what's ultimately a way for our hapless lead male to get put in several sexual situations over and over again and fulfilling various popular fetishes, this actually doesn't have that terrible of a plot. There's something sort of funny about a demon being sealed into a guy's genitalia and although the plot is wafer thin in areas, Harada just sort of runs with everything. He doesn't bother trying to make excuses for anything in the manga and he doesn't try to play any of this up to be anything other than what it is, which is part of what made me continue reading. On the other hand, he doesn't just trot out various scenarios without at least trying to work some sort of story into the chapter, which is what keeps it from being utterly hopeless.

Overall though, this isn't bad but it's not the best thing I've ever read manga-wise. It's the type of thing that you do want to finish, but you probably wouldn't want to spend an overwhelming amount of money on, if any at all. Maybe some of this is due to the youthful appearance of Elyse or perhaps because I'm not really the target audience. There's some funny stuff in here and as long as you're willing to overlook some of these things, it's not a bad ride while it lasts.

3 out of 5 stars

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