Friday, June 15, 2012

Spotlight: Albino by E.J. Dabel and Jorge Correa

Hi all! I just wanted to let you know about Sea Lion Book's newest addition to the family, Albino!

The white mouse Albino always believed that he would live with the old farmer William Springer forever, eating Cheddar cheese and enjoying life at the farm. But after he is kidnapped by the street urchin Darl and violently thrown into a raging river to drown, he wakes up in the middle of a strange and mysterious forest and his life is changed forever as he finds himself in a world unlike anything he could ever imagine.

Aided by an odd crow, he begins an adventure filled with action, danger, and ultimately a final confrontation against his worst nightmares.

The ancient and cruel rats called the Ma’aldee are on the move, the Spiritual Guardians of the Land whisper in fear and dread of the coming of Emperor Loucura, Lord of the Ma'aldee.

Only Albino has the power to save the Land.

I've flipped through a preview of the book on Amazon (and you can find that here) and it looks pretty awesome, a mixture of Secret of NIMH and Redwall. (Both of which are things I loved as a kid, although I admit a preference for the movie version of SoN.)

There's artwork sporadically inserted throughout the preview, and while the two images above are nice they don't do the sketches in the book justice. They save the best for the inner pages.

Seriously, how badass does that look? 

Now the book is currently only available in ebook format, so fire up your electronic devices and get cracking!

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