Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home

Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home (Season 8, Volume 1)
Authors: Joss Whedon, Andy Owens, Georges Jeanty
Publisher: Dark Horse Publishing
Release Date: 10/31/2007
ISBN: 1593078226

Reading this graphic novel took me back to when I used to religiously watch my taped seasons of Buffy, hanging onto each & every thing that happened. I mourned when Oz & Willow broke up, when Angel went evil, & when Tara was killed. I've followed the comic sporadically but due to empty-wallet-itis & the fact that my local library is unable to keep entire collections of graphic novels on the shelves (they either get stolen or shredded after a year of circulation), I've been unable to really read the comic compilations like I've wanted to.

This was worth the wait, in my opinion.

Since the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers - newly legion - have gotten organized and are kicking some serious undead butt. But not everything's fun and firearms, as an old enemy reappears and Dawn experiences some serious growing pains. Meanwhile, one of the "Buffy" decoy slayers is going through major pain of her own.

I absolutely loved the artwork the first time I'd read this as it was getting released in individual issues, & that hasn't changed. I love how the artists interpreted the actors' looks into the comic without it being too obviously "this is Sarah Michelle Gellar" or "this is Allyson Hannigan". The characters individual personalities are very much brought into the artwork & it shows. (And Willow continues to be my favorite Buffy character ever.)

It'd been a while since I'd last watched Buffy or refreshed myself on the storyline so I'm glad to say that you can pretty much dive into this with little to no issues. People who are new to Buffy will be understandably lost, but the story here has enough to offer to where they can follow along & catch up via the internet & old episodes. I'll admit that I was a little afraid that this would be some cheap ploy to dive into the fandom's pockets, but this really is a well done comic adaptation. Luckily Netgalley has many more of the volumes up for perusal, so I'll let you guys know if any of this changes.

4.5 out of 5 stars

(Reader copy provided by Netgalley)


  1. Willow is without a doubt my fav character as well...I'll have to check this out! Thx for the review!

  2. No problem! I'm trying to keep myself from tearing through the others Netgalley has up since I have some other books I've got to review as well. But still... Willow! *fangirl squee*