Monday, November 19, 2012

Get it free: Kitty Glitter

Hi everyone! I'm following up the previous post with a blog entry that's entirely Kitty Glitter themed. Yesterday I posted a link to her book The Color Purple 2, a timeless classic about unruly kitties and their owners. Today I'm going to bring you some of her work that you can currently get for free on Amazon.

Yes, that's right. The fabulous Miss Glitter is taking on the true spirit of Thanksgiving and giving us some of her sweat, blood, and tears for absolutely nothing. Right now you can get the following:

Thrill to the latest adventures of Meow Solo and friends. For a side bonus, Zooey Deschanel dies in the first page after getting pistol whipped by Meow Solo. Then everyone runs off to have an orgy. 

There's a reason that Bill Murray said that cats and dogs playing together was a sign of the End of Days. Now you can see why, in this taunt thriller about a dog that just won't let go of the cat it desires.

Ashton Kutcher's Space-Sex Rampage

When one Hollywood star goes to far and begins to fuck everything to death, only one being can stand in his way: Meow Solo.


On a more sedate side note, I'd like to encourage everyone to check her stuff out not only because Glitter is incredibly funny, but to show encouragement for her right now. She recently discovered that she's HIV positive, so go make her feel better by talking about and getting her books!!

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