Saturday, November 10, 2012

Paula Broadwell: And you thought YOU were an author behaving badly?

Hey all, long time no write, I know...

I just had to stop in to comment on the whole Paula Broadwell fiasco. For those new to the situation, Paula Broadwell is a writer living out of North Carolina that has written a biograpy on a guy that a lot of us probably have never heard of. Which is probably how he sort of wants it.

Now I bet you're asking "but why is she an author behaving badly"? Did she flame a reviewer? Post five hundred five star reviews for her own work? Post just as many negative reviews for her competition?

Nope, she held an affair with David Petraeus, the director of the CIA. Which lead to him eventually resigning from his post due to the fallout.

That, my dear readers, is an author behaving badly. Yes, I'm fully aware that she didn't hold Petraeus down and force herself on him and I'm equally sure that he has to have been fairly charming and offered a level of excitement that her husband and regular life didn't offer. I mean, hello- a spy and a position of power? James Bond fantasy, anyone? But at some point you have to just shake your head and acknowledge an author behaving badly when you see one.

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