Friday, August 10, 2012

More Save the Pearls drama: NOT COOL

I didn't think I would post anything else about the whole Foyt thing, but I'm posting this now.


Someone is going around posting Foyt's personal information on various blogs. This is not cool. Posting someone's personal information (which included her address and phone number) encourages harassment in various different formats. It doesn't matter what Foyt has said or done: there is no excuse for putting out her personal information and putting her and her family at risk. Even if the most that happens is that someone sends her fifty pizzas, that's emotional distress you have no right to put her through. That is harassment and it's not cool.

I don't care if you have decided that you don't like the author. I don't care if you view her book as racist. I don't care if you think that her book is going to cause the downfall of all humanity. (PROTIP: It won't, give us some credit.) There is no excuse for posting someone's personal information online in any way, shape, or form.


  1. You said it pretty well in your blog as well!

    What makes it scary is that someone obviously didn't see anything wrong with posting someone's personal information online, which you pretty much only do when you want to encourage others to harass the person you're doxing. (And yes, whomever you are that posted that info, sending mail and phone messages can be construed as harassment since Foyt herself never released the information.)

    I only wish that I'd thought to get the profile of the person who posted the info so I could report them to Blogger. I was just more worried about leaving that info up on my blog for even a second longer. Seriously, who thinks that posting any sort of personal information of that nature is kosher?

  2. Could it be because it's been done before?

    There is the belief that all's fair in love and the internet. Scary when you think about it though...