Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Review: The Order of Ethyrea by Danica Fontaine

The Order of Ethyrea: Code of the Bretheren
Author: Danica Fontaine
Publisher: Old Line Publishing, LLC
Release Date: 07/28/2010
ISBN: 0984614311

Have you ever had that book where you liked it, but you felt it fell short of its potential a little? A book that kind of reminded you of the awkward teenager that you knew would grow up to be President? If so, then you'll understand how I felt while I was reading this book.

Outside of the astral planes that parallel fate and the undead, lies a glorious realm known only as Ethyrea. This majestic land is home to a brave and courageous race of mystic elemental warriors known for their unmatched mastery of sorcery and might. Once a world filled with peace and prosperity, Ethyrea is besieged by an evil queen and her army of nightmares. The Royal Houses of the land of Ethyrea will send their finest warriors to undertake a perilous quest that will lead into a long, destroyed realm of horrors. There is an honor amongst these Noble Knights....a code. They are the "Brethren." Sweeping in like a fog that rolls across as myst on the cold, barren moorlands that once thrived with light, they struggle to lead the charge out of the crimson darkness. Destined to overthrow those that threaten their way of life, they must track down the pieces of remembrance and reunite the armor with its lost heir. Ethyrea; a powerful realm that has crossed the plane of the undead and chances across time and space, time and time again. Only the strongest of hearts, and Knights most noble of character dare face the unknown hardships and untold challenges of a world forgotten. Will the Brethren realign fate and reunite the worlds that lay beyond the borders of known existence? Are you of the Brethren?

The plot in this book is interesting & there's a rich world here to be explored. There's a wide cast of characters as well as a slew of powers to be used & revealed. Fontaine does utilize the idea of lovers doomed to be forever without each other (an often used idea), but she manages to put an interesting spin on it that keeps it fresh.

The only difficulty? The book jumps a little too quickly into action & as such, we're left without any really solid definitions of the characters or the world, which is a pity. As said above, there's a rich world here waiting to be explored & we get to glimpse so little of it before the book moves into another action filled scene or another talk that keeps the plot moving at its breakneck pace.

This is definitely a series to watch, but this just needed a little more time to simmer & be fleshed out. I would recommend this as a nice followup to some of the YA fantasy series out there, though. There's so much promise here that I just know this series is going to be big. It needs a little work, but trust me- once you pick up this book you'll see why I think it's got a lot of potential to it.

(Reader Copy provided by author)

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