Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love Like a Dog: How to help rescue our furry friends!

Hi all! This blog comes to you from a different angle today- after reading the book Love Like a Dog (which is awesome & you need to read it, BTW), I couldn't help but wonder what I could do to help out.

I've found that an incredibly easy to help out is just by spreading the word about animal rescue & letting people know that if you know of any sort of animal abuse, there's all sorts of ways you can let the authorities know. All of them are willing to work with you, even if you are afraid to give them your name!

SPCA International is a great place to start off, with this link here (ASPCA, the American branch) listing many ways for you to report any animal cruelties you witness!

Anne Calcagno (author of Love Like a Dog) is a staunch defender of animal rights & is always finding ways to help fight against forms of animal cruelty such as dog fighting. Whether it's participating in local fundraisers or donating her time, books, or money, she always tries to find ways she can help.

If you are part of a local animal rescue group that takes in large or bully breeds, Anne wants you to not only give you a huge pat on the back (you deserve it!) but also donate copies of her book to help with fundraising purposes. You can contact her at anne (at) if you have any questions.

For those who have rescued an animal, she also wants your stories so she can post them on her blog & give you the recognition you deserve for helping out our furry friends! Contact her at lovelikeadogstories (at) to have your story told!

If you're just curious about the book & want to use it for your book group, you can contact her for group discounts. (How cool would it be for your book group to read this book, then work together to help out your local animal rescue or shelter?)

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