Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funnies: YA book cover generator (and other fake book covers)

While the first part of this post isn't a laugh out loud funny thing, part of today's funny is sure to be entertaining. Ever want to write a YA novel but couldn't get past the all important task of the cover? This is for you then.

While this takes up several steps, 100 Scope Notes posted steps on how to make a fake YA book cover. Here's mine:

The second part to this blog post also deals with fake book covers, but these are obviously fake. (Although coming from is pretty much an obvious.) These are the 40 Most Inappropriate Book Covers. I'm not posting all of them (would be too long), so definitely check out the full list here: 40 Most Inappropriate Book Covers Just to warn you, these covers are very NSFW & if you're easily offended you might want to skip the link. (I'm posting the safest one here.)

This last one I pulled from a random website, but unfortunately I didn't remember to link to the blog. (So if you recognize this from your blog, I'm really sorry! Please post a comment below so I can give you proper credit!)

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