Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching up on my reading!

I have to admit, I've been a bad girl this month. Why am I saying that? Because I keep getting books before I've even whittled down my "to read" or "to review" piles. I've been better about my "to review" piles since I hate the idea of having to make people wait for me to get to their books, but my "to read" pile is pretty horrible. Let me put it to you this was: I usually keep a book or five in my car to read in case of emergency (hey, who hasn't found themselves in a dull situation & wished they kept a book handy to read?). I finally gave in & allowed my older sister to have all of the books I'd already read and/or didn't plan on reading any time soon. The end result? Let's just say that her dining room table was half covered with paperbacks & Temperance Brennan novels by the time we were done. My car was visibly faster when I drove home.

Now that's one of the good parts about paper books. You always know when the modest pile of books has turned into a paper tsunami that threatens to drown you in unread books. My e-reader?

That's 192 books on my ereader. I've only read about half of them. The rest are books that I got years ago, saying "It's OK if I don't read them immediately- I can just store them on my ereader". This month hasn't been much better, with me purchasing even more.

So yeah... I've got some heavy duty reading to do. Luckily I figure that if I keep up on my review reading, everything else sort of falls into place. Oh, and the Sony e-reader ROCKS.

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