Friday, March 25, 2011

Check it Out: Jim Bernheimer (Contest Start)

Jim Bernheimer is a pretty eclectic guy as far as authors go. Not only does he write fantasy, but he also dabbles in suspense, mystery, horror, & humor. He's got a little bit of everything for all literary occasions!

Jim's a fellow Virginian, residing in
Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife Kim, and daughters Laura and Marissa. He's got a background in computers & currently works under a government contract as well as having his own business! (So if I ever mess up my computer or blog, I know who to turn to.)

Jim started putting his fiction out back in 2008, starting with the short story Reality Bites!, a story about a vampire trying to get his insurance company to pay up. (Which is available as a free podcast here. I've listened to it- it's pretty good.) Since then Jim's put out several more stories via podcasts & ebook formats.

Jim's a huge fan of sci-fi & fantasy, with several of his favorites/inspirations being Edgar Allan Poe & Tolkien. You can check out his stuff via his website (click on the book image above). If the rest of his stuff is as cool as his short stories are, you're in for a treat.

Contest Info:

Want a copy of one of his ebooks? Just post a comment below telling us who your favorite author is as well as posting an e-mail address for me to contact you so I can send you your prize! (Make sure that you post it emailaddress (at) domainname (dot) com so the spammy guys don't grab your email!)

The free book will be one of the following:

Spirals of Destiny Book One: Rider
Dead Eye: Pennies for the Ferryman
Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume I
Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume II

The contest will run until April 1st, 2011 & I'll post the winner's name on the 2nd. The winner gets their choice of the above books on either kindle, PDF format, or via smashwords!


  1. Favorite author? Hm...Ernst Junger.

    Email: chathtiu (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. I can only pick one?! Well I guess I'd pick Anne McCaffrey. Her books have stand with me for a long time.


  3. Favorite author: Jim Butcher!
    email: mambomidge (at) hotmail

  4. Favorite author: John Grisham
    Email: k.yameen(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Don't really have a fave, but I guess I'll go with Tanith Lee. (John Green)

  6. I love so many! But one of my favorites is Dean Koontz!

    mk261274 at gmail at com