Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check it Out: Bill See & Jessica McHugh

Hi everyone! Today I have two very different but equally cool authors to tell you about!

First up is Bill See, band member of Divine Weeks & author of 33 Days, a memoir about the group's life on the road. It's got a rock angle to it but at its core it's a coming of age story that I'm sure will rock your socks off!

For 33 days in the summer of 1987, indie rock band Divine Weeks toured in a beat up old Ford Econoline Van, sleeping on strangers' floors, never sure they'd make enough gas money to get them to the next town. Liberated from alcoholic upbringings and rigid cultural constraints, all they have is their music and each other's friendship. The road is filled with yuppies, brothels, riots, sleeping on floors, spiked drinks, DJs with no pants, and battles with racism. They set out on the road to discovery to drink in all they could and maybe sell a few records. They grew up instead.

If you're curious, 33 Days is available for kindle as well as on smashwords. Curious to find out more about the band? Check out Bill See's facebook entry for the book which includes more about the band as well as glimpses of Bill's creative process for the book! (Click on the band pic to go there!)

Our second author to watch is Jessica McHugh!

Jessica McHugh is an author of speculative fiction that spans the genre from horror and alternate history to epic fantasy. A prolific writer, she has devoted herself to novels, short stories, novellas, and even playwriting. She has had eight books published in three years, including "Song of Eidolons", "The Sky: The World" and the first two installments in her "Tales of Dominhydor" series. (I admit, I took this from her site but hey- I couldn't have written it any better!)

One of her most recent books is Rabbits in the Garden, a tale of family secrets, false accusations, & revenge. It's available in both paperback as well as on the kindle & smashwords! (Click on her picture to go to her personal website!)

At twelve years old, Avery Norton had everything: a boyfriend who was also her best friend, the entirety of Martha's Vineyard as her playground, and her very own garden to tend.

By thirteen, it was all over.

The discovery of a secret crypt in the basement starts the Norton family down many unexpected avenues, including one that leads to Avery's arrest for murder and her subsequent imprisonment in Taunton State Lunatic Asylum.

Set in 1950s Massachusetts, Rabbits in the Garden follows Avery Norton's struggle to prove her innocence and escape Taunton with her mind intact.


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