Saturday, March 12, 2011

Follow that Blog!: IrieEchoes

Hi everyone!

My blog recommendation today is for someone that I know IRL, Sade' (aka Reverberated Echoes). Her blog IrieEchoes (which you can find here) is a new one, but it's already an incredibly honest & raw look in the life of an HIV positive woman.

Now I just have to say, this girl is amazing. Not only is she super nice, but upon discovering something that would knock most of us on our feet, Sade' keeps on striding forwards & never takes no for an answer. That's pretty freaking cool, to be honest. On top of that she's trying to get a college degree so she can go out into the community & actually help people, which is also cool. Sade' wants to start a non-profit organization to help African-American girls fulfill their potentials just like she's fulfilling hers!

In any case, you guys need to check her blog out & become one of her followers!

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