Monday, March 14, 2011

Want exciting books to review? Try Simon & Schuster's Galley Grab program!

Are you hankering to read some of the best fiction out there? Love authors such as Holly Black, Becca Fitzpatrick or other great names in the business? Then you should read up on a new reviewing program run by Simon & Schuster called "Galley Grab".

It's open to anyone who is a "bookseller, librarian, teacher, journalist, blogger, producer or other publishing professional", which is a pretty open ended list. So far I've heard nothing but great things about it. If you're curious about the program here's a list of FAQ for you. You can also sign up for the service via their website at this address here.

I've received a pretty interesting title from them, Brandon Mull's latest novel A World Without Heroes. While it ended up not being my cup of tea, the writing in it is FANTASTIC & I can predict that this will easily be hitting the top ten of most young adult fiction lists.


I got emailed with an incredibly good question:

"Do you get to choose the galleys you get?"

Unfortunately the Galley Grab program doesn't allow for you to pick & choose which books you receive. A representative for the company will review your blog & whatever sources you provide (I'm guessing if you link to goodreads, they'll glance at your goodreads), then choose a book that is within the same types of genres that you read. From what I've seen of the various people who have received books, they're pretty good about choosing things similar to what you like.


The company is now putting out a newsletter type setup where you can choose your book from a list. I'm not sure if the list is targeted or not but I can definitely say that when I got mine I was pretty enthusiastic about some of the choises they gave me. (I was especially happy about Holly Black's Red Glove being on the list!)


  1. Actually, they send out a GalleyGrab newsletter each month or so with available titles, and you can choose which ones to download from there. =)

  2. Yep! Just saw it! I was pretty happy about it as well. Made the correction- thanks!!