Monday, March 14, 2011

Help Japan by reading a book!

Hi all! If you're like me, you were undoubtedly horror struck at the earthquake/tsunami tragedy that happened recently in Japan. There's just no words to describe the amount of sorrow & tragedy that its caused.

Many relief efforts have sprung up, some from major agencies like the Red Cross (you can donate here) to individual efforts like my friend Naomi Clark.

From now until March 19th (Sunday) she's donating 100% of any revenue from the sale of her two ebooks Night and Chaos (The Deva Chronicles #1) & Ungrateful Dead (The Ethan Banning Files) to World Vision.

Unfortunately only the kindle versions are being counted in on this, but if you still want to purchase them through Lulu here are the links to Naomi's books on there. (Ungrateful Dead Night and Chaos)


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